4 Keys to Making Your Home Real Estate Ready

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Ralph Evans has no use for clutter, broken fixtures, odd smells or anything else that can turn away a potential buyer for your home.

Having practised real estate in Etobicoke since 2004, he has learned what works and doesn’t work when it comes to making a great home sale. Ultimately it is up to the homeowner how much work they are willing to put into the preparation of their home, before opening it up for potential buyers to come and have a look. It is tempting to just leave your home exactly the way you live in it every day, however to get the best return on the sale there are a few minor and inexpensive improvements that will make a huge difference on the outcome.

  1. Fix The Little Things First
    Identify any minor renovations and fixes that need to be addressed in the home.  Particularly things that are broken, chipped, stained or ripped.  By eliminating these items before the buyer finds them for themselves removes the potential of these becoming a turnoff for them.  Having the buyer discover a major issue during the home inspection can lead to giving more money back to the buyer than it would to have fixed it yourself.
  2. Depersonalize, Don’t Sterilize
    Making the home clean and presentable is the key here.  You don’t need to go too far and turn the home into something it is not.  If you have kids, organizing the toys in a box or on a shelf is great.  Just so that there is space for buyer’s to move through the home and no trip over those toys would be great.
  3. Address The Drawbacks But Focus On The Positives
    Resist the urge to mask or hide the undesirable features.  After all, everything about the home will be revealed at some point.  Its better the buyers see it during their initial look at your home, than be surprised by it later on and have them back out of the agreement or even sue for misrepresentation!
  4. Think Beyond Paint
    Ralph like to connect his clients with a home staging professional to add a punch of colour and some interesting accent pieces or flowers to add some unique flair to the homes he sells.  Its amazing how adding in the right mix of contemporary items breathes new life into a home.  It is particularly important to match the decorating style to the expectations of the buyer you are trying to attract.

You can contact Ralph through his website RealEstateHelpDesk.ca

staging before and after Here are the before and after results of a staging a home.