Apple Launches the iPhone 7

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How attached are you to traditional wired headphones that plug in to the headphone jack? Do you have other accessories that connect to this port, such as speakers, a microphone or something else? In this latest release of their flagship product, Apple took the bold move of eliminating the headphone jack, thereby rendering a whole legacy of accessories obsolete.

Now hold on! Those accessories are not totally obsolete yet. The phone will ship with the usual earbud headphones plus an adapter that attaches to the “lightning port” also used by the recharging cable. So, we are good for now. But don’t misplace that little adapter! I’d expect this link to the past to disappear over the next few years in future models as consumers are moved to this new reality.

Apple’s new vision has us moving towards tiny ear inserts they call AirPods. You get two of them, a left and a right. Sadly there appears to be no “find my AirPod” app, to help locate these when they go missing!

Watch below this quick summary of the iPhone 7

Here’s more about the AirPods. Did I mention they need to be recharged frequently?