Bringing Together Etobicoke Small Businesses

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Etobicoke Business Network Connects Etobicoke Small Business Leaders

Now more than ever, our local businesses need to connect with each other! It is important for these small business owners and many sole entrepreneurs to find each other and connect with each other. We live in a busy world with many distractions and many choices. It can be a challenge to run a successful business and attract the clients necessary to be profitable. By coming together through the Etobicoke Business Network they are able to identify who the other like minded people here in Etobicoke. Through meeting with each other, they learn about the businesses each of of them have created and what makes it special and unique. There is an opportunity to build friendships and alliances with each other. They have the opportunity to support and assist each other.

If you are working in a home-based business, isn’t it nice to have someone else to go to a coffee shop with? They are probably having similar challenges to you. Or, maybe they did in the past and can share their experiences with you. Ralph Evans, group host says “I think we all have the opportunity to learn from each other. Is there a day you could really use an extra helper for something? Or maybe some advice, an ear to listen, or a shoulder to lean on? I have developed many friendships through my networking experiences and I cherish them.”

So what does networking really mean? It is about getting to know each other and about supporting each other’s’ businesses. When you have the need for a product or service yourself, to consider if there is someone in the network that can provide that for you, rather than picking some big company or someplace you don’t know. Who does your taxes? Who prints your business cards? Do you see a chiropractor or RMT? Do you get your teeth cleaned? Do you wash your body? Do you want a better website? Do you want a video for your website? Social media help? Someone to check on your home while you go on vacation? Do you need marketing help, a better brochure, or a logo on your vehicle? Investment advice, a mortgage, car insurance, a vacation or a new place to live? What about someone to prepare a contract for your business, or to trademark your business name? Maybe a fitness coach, life coach, business coach or tutor for your children? The list goes on.

But networking is about more than more than just buying each other’s offerings. Members are encouraged to be looking beyond themselves. Some will find ways to involve others in the product or service they offer. In Ralph’s real estate practice he has the opportunity to bring in home stagers, lawyers, home inspectors, movers, mortgage providers and more. Secondly, members can talk about, promote and recommend each other’s businesses to friends and families.

The Etobicoke Business Network combines some of the features of a local chamber of commerce, a LeTip or BNI networking group.

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