Crushing It With Great Photography

4 years ago Dorothy Morris Comments Off on Crushing It With Great Photography

Turns out that the photography is one of the most important factors in the sale of your home.  Consumers aren’t waiting for their agent to send them specific properties to review.  They are looking every day at and a number of other property websites, in search of the right home for them.  As they do so, the photos they see are the compelling factor in determining their interest in the property.

At the one extreme, are the homes that are listed for sale and have no pictures whatsoever.  What a missed opportunity!  Having no clue about the property at all, houses like this are dropped by most online shoppers right away.  Just slightly better are the homes that come with just one picture, usually an exterior shot.  Well, that’s nice, but people really want to get a quick peek inside, to be able to judge the level of finish, the age of the kitchen, the inside style of the home.  Again, having just one picture is going to have the home skipped over pretty quickly.

A study out of the MLS  for Los Angeles showed that properties with more photos sell faster and for higher prices.  In the under $500,000 price range homes with more than 11 pictures sold 20% faster and for $11,000 more than those that did not have as many pictures. Over $700,000 homes sold 37% faster for $25,000 more.

Most leading real estate agents would agree, having great pictures of their clients homes helps to market a home.  What differentiates these agents is how they go about getting those photos.  Some agents are using their cell phones to capture the images.  Even with the great capabilities of the iPhone, these are not going to be great.  Then there are the agents using point and shoot cameras, while better than a phone, these may still lack the capabilities of DSLR cameras with polarizing filters, extra wide-angle lenses, proper lighting and so on.  Etobicoke agent Ralph Evans tells us he may own his own camera, but when it comes to taking great pictures for his clients, he hires a professional photographer to do the job.  Getting the best wow pictures requires not only the right equipment, but also knowing how to use it along with a keen sense of composition.

If you are looking to sell your home, find out your agent’s thoughts about photography.