Death to the 100W Light Bulb

4 years ago Ralph Evans Comments Off on Death to the 100W Light Bulb

canada 100w light bulbIts time to say our final good-bye’s to the 100W light bulb! As of January 1, 2104 Canadians will no longer be able to purchase these bulbs, as we are steered towards making more eco-friendly choices. For some people, this is reason enough to stock up on the remaining inventories at their local store. For others they welcome the switch to more energy efficient LED and CFL type light bulbs. Expect a final rush as consumers clear out retailers’ stock as we approach the end of the year.

The 40W and 60W bulbs will remain available for one more year, before they too will be withdrawn from the marketplace at the beginning of 2015. So, at some point we will need to accept this switch as a positive change. We will soon be unable to purchase traditional incandescent bulbs at all.

Moving in parallel to the phase-out of these light bulbs, are great improvements in new lighting choices made from highly efficient LED’s.

Respond with your comments on how you feel about this and how you are planning to handle this. Have you already made the switch or are you going to be a hoarder?