Live a Life of Excellence with Althea Raum

4 years ago Ralph Evans Comments Off on Live a Life of Excellence with Althea Raum

I had the opportunity to attend one of Althea Raum’s personal growth seminars at the Swansea Town Hall last night.

Althea is a certified personal trainer and has recently attained the level of Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming. This adds to her many other qualifications and achievements in fitness, health, nutrition and wellness. There’s one more “Live a Life of Excellence” lecture coming up December 12th, then the program will continue on through 2014 on the third Wednesday of the month.

Each month’s session is a self contained topic, but why not attend them all! Through these presentations Althea has been sharing her knowledge and insights into many of the problems and challenges we all face in life and equipping the audience with the knowledge and tools to break through to a better way of living. Last night we delved into making commitments. Particularly the commitments we make to ourselves when we have a goal in mind, but feel that our journey towards that goal may be short lived. We transitioned into the area of dealing with others around the topic of boundary setting. Althea equipped us with a winning strategy to step back from requests from other people looking to extract some of your time, your money or your energy for something that may not be something you’re not really keen to go along with. She provided us with the questions we need to ask ourselves to evaluate these requests, before we are able to negotiate with the other person a solution that can be acceptable to ourselves as well as being mutually acceptable.

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Althea shared one of her favourite video’s on the topic of being committed to your goals with Will Smith