Santa Claus Arrives in Etobicoke

4 years ago Ralph Evans Comments Off on Santa Claus Arrives in Etobicoke

It was a cold December morning this past Saturday when the big man in the red suit touched down his sleigh and reindeer team to join in the festivities of the Etobicoke Santa Claus Parade.  This annual event is a small town style celebration of the local community, with participation from the local Girl Guides and Scouting groups along with the baton twirling club, a couple of marching bands and a number of floats sponsored by local Etobicoke Businesses.

The local politicians were out, including councillors Mark Grimes and Peter Milczyn along with our newly empowered deputy mayor Norm Kelly.  Rob Ford having been asked not to attend the big downtown parade couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make an appearance.  Instead of walking in the parade, he stopped to shake hands with everyone, posing for pictures and handing out candy canes.  He was accompanied by a gaggle of cameras, reporters and handlers along with the trademark black Esclade support vehicle.  His presence was more of a humourous distraction from the parade than being a real participant in the parade.  Some even thought he was supposed to be one of the clowns.  I also spotted new MPP Doug Holiday, quietly and fairly anonymously walking the route.

Here’s my collection of pictures that show the highlights of the day…

Comment below if you were out to see the Etobicoke Santa Claus parade too!  Let us know your thoughts on the event.

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