The Inspiration of Ben Comen

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Be inspired to never give up, no matter the obstacles

Ben was born with cerebral palsy. His parents didn’t think their son would ever be able to walk. However, Ben saw things differently. His greatest desire was to have a place to belong, and for that Ben was willing to overcome his physical limitations and not just walk but run!

Throughout his childhood, Ben tried to participate in different sports. But it was a struggle for him, because coaches would leave him on the bench or only let him help on the sidelines. Then, in 8th grade, Ben decided to try out for his high school’s cross-country team. This time, the coach put him on the team despite his disability. And when he did, both Ben and the team got more they ever imagined – his team got an amazing source of inspiration, and Ben finally got his wish…….a place to belong!

This video tells Ben’s incredible story.